Do you have new and gently used toys, clothing, shoes & baby equipment that you would like to sell, but don't have time to put a garage sale together? 

We have just what you need, sell your items with us!  We will do all the work for you!

Do you want to become a Seller with us but your too busy to prepare your items? 

That's okay...we have several options available for you too!

Special Seller - Registration is now open!

  • We will pick-up your clean items and prepare them for you!
  • You will receive 50% of your total sale ​minus the $10.00 Seller Fee ($5.00 of the Seller fee will be due at pick-up).
  • Become aTeam Member,receive 55% of your total sale
  • Registration opens Monday, January 4th!

Busy Seller - Registration is now open!

  • Drop-off your clean items to us and we will prepare them for you!
  • You will receive 55% of your total sale ​minus the $10.00 Seller Fee ($5.00 of the Consignor fee will be due at drop-off).
  • Become a ​Team Member, ​​receive 60% of your total sale
  • Registration opens Monday, January 11th!

Register as a Seller!

Seller registration opens February 1st!


  • If you registered as a Seller for our Spring 2019 or Fall 2019 sale and did not drop-off any items at our sale, you will have to pay your $10.00 Seller Fee upfront!  When you register for our Fall 2020 sale we will email you an invoice for payment. 
  • We will only sort Sellers clothing & shoes this sale!  You will be responsible for gathering your unsold items from our sales floor!
  • We now have a Facebook Seller Group page!  We'll post helpful info and important info for our Sellers!  When you register, we will send you the Facebook link!

It's easy.....become a Seller  

  • You prepare your items for our sale​
  • You will receive 65% of your total sale ​minus the $10.00 Seller Fee
  • Become aTeam Member,receive 70% of your total sale
  • Follow the steps below!
  • ​Seller registration ends at 10 am on Thursday, May 23rd!

​​Fol​​​​low these simple steps:

  1. Register as a Seller 
  2. ​View  What We Accept
  3. ​View Prepare Your Items
  4. View our  Drop-off & Pick-up info
  5. Register as a  Team Member  and receive 70% of your total sale
  6. In ten days, you will receive your check in the mail for 65% (Team Members will receive 70%) of your total sale​ minus your $10.00 Consignor Fee.

Returning Sellers

Registration opens January 25th!​

Our average Seller makes

over $250.00 at our sale!

Limited spaces available!

May 27th - 29th

Killeen Civic & Conference Center

3601 South W.S. Young Dr.

​​Consignor Q&A:

What are the hours of operation for entering items on your website?

Our Seller website  is open 24/7!

​Can I print my tags when registration closes?

Yes, you can

If I become a Seller, can I bring someone to the Presale with me?

​Yes, you can bring one person with you

Do you need supplies? 

We have just what you need to start tagging your items!

Seller Starter Kit

  • Tagging Gun with 300 fasteners
  • ​50 large wire hangers or 50 small hangers
  • ​20 large safety pins
  • ​5 Gallon Zip lock bags
  • ​10 small Zip ties
  • 25 sheets of Card Stock