Tagging your items - 

View our Tagging Video!

What you will need:

  • ​Scotch or clear packing tape
  • ​masking tape
  • safety pins or Tagging gun and barbs
  • ​Tags
  • ​hole punch

  1. ​Use the safety pins to place the tag on the right side of all the clothing that is are on hangers.  If the fabric is delicate place the tag on the manufacture size tag or in the seam of the clothing.  Place the safety pin over the words "My Consignment Manager" or in empty space below the category (do not cover the size or price, see above image).  If you are using a tagging gun, please attach the tag into a seam or size/brand tag to avoid damaging the items with the tagging needle.​​
  2. ​Tag gun - please place barb & tag in underarm shirt seam, Left arm shirt seam or manufacture size tag to avoid damage the items
  3. ​Shoes - use a zip tie, safety pin or tag gun to secure the tag
  4. Games, Books & videos - tape two sides of the tag down with masking tape (clear tape will damage the book cover)
  5. ​Tape two sides of the tag down, with scotch tape or clear tape, to items in zip lock bags
  6. ​You can decide if you should tape, safety pin or use your tag gun to secure your tags to your items

Do you need supplies?

We have just what you need to start tagging your items!

Seller Starter Kit

  • Tagging gun with 300 fasteners
  • 50 small kids hangers & 50 large wire hangers
  • 20 large safety pins
  • 5 - gallon zip lock bags
  • 10 small zip ties
  • 25 sheets of Card Stock


​​​​​Clean all of your items!  Repair buttons, zippers, etc.  We will reject any smelly, dirty, rusty, stained, sun damaged or out dated items.  We reserve the right to refuse any item that does not meet our standards.  We want to provide the highest quality of items to our customers!

  1. ​You can group items together so that they will equal a value of $2.00.
  2. ​Clothing should be placed on hanger (Figure 1) with the hook pointing left (?).
  3. ​Place clothing sizes Preemie to 5T on small plastic hangers.​
    • ​Preemie to 5T pants should be pinned on the top part of the hanger (Figure 2).  
    • Pants size 6T and up will be placed on a pants hanger that we provide (Figure 3).  You can schedule to pick-up your pants hangers 
    • All other clothing should be placed on a large hanger​
    • ​Clothing that is loose should be safety pinned to the hanger to prevent it from falling off
    • ​Outfits can be pinned together on the hanger.  Safety pin accessories or pants on the back of the shirt at the pants waist.  The back of the shirt should be against the back of the pants making both, the front of the shirt and pants.
  4. ​Onesis can be placed on a small hanger or plastic zip lock bags and sold as set.  If you sell  sets please make sure they are the same size.
  5. ​Shoes must be clean with matching shoe laces. 
    • ​​​You can tie the laces together or zip tie the shoes together
  6. ​​​Accessories can be placed in zip lock bag
  7. T-shirts, Linen, socks, bibs, new underwear, small shoes, etc. can be placed in zip lock bag. 
  8. Puzzles, Toys and games must have all the pieces and taped close. 
    • Working batteries must be include in any item that require them!
    • Place small parts in clear plastic bag and securely attach them to the items with a zip tie or packing tape.
  9. Books  can be groped together.  You can tape them together with masking tape.
  10. DVD, Music CD's and Computer Games should be in cover and taped closed
  11. Car Seats, Carrier & Stollers covers, belts and straps should be clean!
    • Car Seat & Carrier Wavier must be complete before items are dropped off. 
    • Must be manufactured within the past five year
  12. ​Pack-n-Plays need to be set up and the carrying case/bag should be pinned or zip tied to it
  13. Place small parts in clear plastic bags and attach them to the larger piece with masking tape or zip tie 

If you have any questions please email us at info@justasnicecs.com

​​​​Prepare your items to sell -

Figure 1:  Hanger with hook pointing left (?).

Pricing your items - 

Pricing is up to the Sellers.  If you would like your items to sell, price them to sell.  Items price well, sell well.  Items must be in $0.01 increments with the minimum price $2.00.

Saturday, May 29th is our 50% OFF DayIf you are planning to donate your items we suggest that you mark your items as 50% OFF. 

Review our Pricing Guide

What you will need:

  • Hangers - Small or Large
  • Clear quart or larger zip lock bags
  • masking tape
  • scotch or clear packing tape
  • safety pins
  • ​zip ties

​​​​​We have designed guides to help you :      

Click to view

Enter your items into our computer system

Print your tags​​

​Print Inventory Report

Figure 2:  Pants pinned on the top part of the hanger

  • ​The better they look, the better they sell!
  • ​All baby items must be less than 5 years old!
  • ​All items must be in working condition and have batteries (if needed)!
  • ​It is your responsibility to check your items, especially Infant Equipment & Toys, for recalls!  View Consumer Product Safety Commission

Figure 3:  Hanger for Pants size 6 and up.  We will provide you with this hanger!

May 27th - 29th

Killeen Civic & Conference Center

3601 South W.S. Young Dr.