Stuff A  Bag Fundraiser​ - Sunday, October 7th    7 pm

Shoppers will donate $10.00 in exchange for a plastic shopping bag to "stuff" any remaining donated items into.  100% of the proceeds will go to a local charity!

This event is open to the public this season!  We will charge a $5.00 entrance fee!  

Pick-up - Sunday, October 7th    7 pm - 8 pm

  • ​​At the end of the sale, we will sort items by the Consignors last name:
    • ​A - G     7 pm
    • ​H - M    7:30 pm
    • ​N - Z     8 pm
  • ​It is the Consignors responsibility to pick-up their items that were not purchased 
  • ​Items not picked up by 9 pm will be donated in the Consignor honor
  • You must have the Consignors valid ID for pick-up
  • ​Please allow 30 - 50 minutes for pick-up
  • ​If you are unable to pick-up your items, someone else can pick them up for you.  You must provide their name and they must bring a valid ID for pick-up

​​Consignor Q&A:

What are the hours of operation for entering items on your website?

Our Consignor site  is open 24/7!

​Can I print my tags when registration closes?

Yes, you can

If I become a Consignor, can I bring someone to the Presale with me?

​Yes, you can bring one person with you

October 5th, 6th & 7th

Killeen Special Event Center

3301 South W.S. Young Dr.

Drop-off​ - Thursday, October4th   11 am - 6 pm

  • Bring a copy of your Inventory Report, for your records
  • Pleases allow 30 minutes for drop-off
  • ​All items will be inspected in numerical order and compared to the Inventory Report
  • ​Limited help is available, so you may bring rolling racks, wagons, boxes or bins to carry your items in
  • ​Once your items are is inspected we will give you your Presale Pass and you will be free to leave!  We will place your items on our sales floor!
  • If you have large items such as cribs, beds & Pack and Plays that require assembly,  they must be put together before they can be placed on our sale floor