Pick-up - Saturday, May 29th    6 pm - 8 pm

  • ​​At the end of the sale, we will sort items by the Seller ID number:
    • ​A - G     6 pm
    • ​H - M    7 pm
    • ​N - Z     8 pm
  • ​It is the Sellers responsibility to pick-up their items that were not purchased 
  • ​Items not picked up by 9 pm will be donated in the Seller's honor
  • You must have valid ID for pick-up
  • ​Please allow 30 - 50 minutes for pick-up
  • ​If you are unable to pick-up your items, someone else can pick them up for you.  You must provide their name and they must bring a valid ID for pick-up
  • NEW THIS SALE - We will provide you with a list of your sold items during pick-up.
    • We will only sort clothing & shoes this sale!  You will be responsible for gathering your items that were not sold from our sales floor!  Our Team Members do their best to have your items grouped for you, but you may have to look through items on our sales floor to make sure you have all of your unsold items.

​​Seller Q&A:

What are the hours of operation for entering items on your website?

Our Seller website is open 24/7!

​Can I print my tags when registration closes?

Yes, you can

If I become a Seller, can I bring someone to the Presale with me?

​Yes, you can bring one person with you

Stuff A  Bag Fundraiser​ - Saturday, May 29th   7 pm

Shoppers will donate $10.00 in exchange for a plastic shopping bag to "stuff" any remaining donated items into.  100% of the proceeds will go to a local charity!

- Free entrance to Sellers & Team Members

- $5.00 entrance OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

 Drop-off - Wednesday, May 26th   12 pm - 6 pm

  • Go to our Websiteand select a scheduled drop-off
  • Pleases allow 40 minutes for drop-off
  • ​All items will be inspected and compared to the Inventory Report
  • ​Limited help is available, so you may bring rolling racks, wagons, boxes or bins to carry your items in
  • ​Once your items are is inspected we will give you your Presale Pass and you will be free to leave!  We will place your items on our sales floor!
  • If you have large items such as cribs, beds & Pack and Plays that require assembly,  they must be put together before they can be placed on our sale floor

May 27th - 29th

Killeen Civic & Conference Center

3601 South W.S. Young Dr.